Zomick’s Passes New State Inspection

Zomick’s Passes New State Inspection

Zomick’s, the Inwood, L.I., bakery that since 2005 has failed about 60 percent of state food inspections because of vermin infestation, passed a new state inspection Tuesday.

Zomick’s has thus passed both state food inspections this year after failing the prior two.

A spokesman for the State Department of Agriculture and Markets said details of the inspection were not immediately available.

In a statement Zomick’s issued before the state inspection, it said it had “hired an in-house senior food safety expert to regularly monitor protocols and assure the utmost cleanliness of the bakery, retained a noted food safety expert as a consultant to assist its in-house staff, invited yet another third party audit to further reassure the public, and opened the bakery to media and others who wish to see for themselves ‘our exceptionally clean bakery.’”

A spokesman for Zomick’s said the state brought senior officials to conduct the inspection and that the company passed “with flying colors.”


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