ZOA Supports Anti-Boycott Law

ZOA Supports Anti-Boycott Law

In your article about Israel’s new anti-boycott law, you state that the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) opposed its passage (“Boycott Law Generates Controversy,” July 15).

ZOA initially stated that before making a final determination, we must carefully “examine the law.” Now, after careful examination, the ZOA strongly sympathizes with its passage, as it helps protect Israel’s security and economic interests.

We must understand that Israel is under an existential threat. Israel is enduring an organized worldwide campaign to boycott, divest from and sanction the Jewish state. Israel is also watching with deep concern as its neighbors are undergoing dramatic change that could bring even more radical Islamist, anti-Israel governments into power.

The ZOA believes that American Jewish organizations should be conspicuously cognizant of the fact that enemies of Israel are using the words of Jewish organizations against this boycott to promote their own external boycott, delegitimization and sanction efforts against Israel.

We, in America, thankfully do not have to worry about these kinds of threats. When other countries have felt these types of substantial threats they have frequently gone so far as to invoke martial law, suspending certain rights that citizens normally enjoyed.

Remember, even the U.S. anti-boycott laws written to protect Israel from the Arab League and other Muslim countries are much stronger than this Israeli law.

National President Zionist Organization of America

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