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ZOA Not ‘Right-Wing’

ZOA Not ‘Right-Wing’

It’s baffling that David Bernstein would ask the Zionist Organization of America to join in a statement declaring our commitment to Zionism (“Time To Reclaim ‘Zionism’,” Opinion, Oct. 8). No one across the political spectrum would ever question the ZOA’s dedication as ardent Zionists.
Bernstein also inaccurately labeled the ZOA as “right-wing.” Was it right-wing for the ZOA to correctly predict that Yasir Arafat was not a man of peace but a terrorist, dooming the Oslo Accords to failure? Was it right-wing for the ZOA to correctly predict that Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza would lead to increased rocket attacks against Israeli civilians?  
What’s right-wing about the ZOA demanding that the Palestinian Authority fulfill its written agreements to end its incitement of hatred against Jews in its schools, media and speeches, that the PA arrest anti-Israel terrorists, and that it stop glorifying terrorists by naming schools, streets and sports teams after them? 
Why is it right-wing for the ZOA to oppose one-sided concessions to the Palestinian Arabs? When Israel makes a significant concession, shouldn’t the PA do the same? And what’s right-wing about the ZOA fighting campus anti-Semitism and protecting the civil rights of Jewish students facing harassment and intimidation?
What the ZOA says is simply the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Telling the truth isn’t a right-wing or left-wing position.

Director, Center for Law and Justice
Zionist Organization of America

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