Wrong Emphasis On Outfits

Wrong Emphasis On Outfits

While some may think that your article, “The Lone Women Of The IDF” (Aug. 15), is on “girl power,” I am disappointed that you felt the need to detail the outfits of the four women cited.

These powerful and courageous women are doing a very brave and scary thing and you have managed to belittle something awesome by pointing out that this one wears a midriff top and this one wears a nose ring. Who cares? Why is that important? It is very reminiscent of the Hilary Clinton campaign coverage where her pantsuits were a bigger news item than her platforms.

I was particularly surprised that a woman wrote this article.

I cannot imagine that if this were an article about the American men who become lone soldiers, you would be describing their Beats headphones, flip flops and the fact that most of them probably weren’t wearing jewelry. I appreciate you taking the time to reflect on this issue, and I hope that when you write about women in the future, you focus more on the amazing things they do and less on their fashion choices. 

Former lone soldier, 
 Graduate of the University of Texas Journalism School


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