Worried About Fairness

Worried About Fairness

In regards to the varied discussions and positions on Cordoba House: When my Jewish brethren say, “We should be open-minded and fair and not bigoted, etc.,” it is something I have come to respect and truly admire and love about “our people.” We have always been openly pro and con on many topics, and are our own best supporters and detractors.  

I am also willing to bet that if building a Jewish center in an area here in the U.S. surrounded by controversy of some form were to be proposed, and opposition by a significant amount of the public were to arise, we would have fellow Jews out there being very vocal about not allowing it to happen, saying “there are so many places to build this without causing grief, just do it elsewhere.” 

Yet I have yet to see that from the Muslim population.  

Build it, don’t build it, it doesn’t make a difference as far as I am concerned. But to my brothers and sisters who are worried about fairness: Be careful about supporting any group that apparently would not be fair to you, were the tables turned. And stop being blind to that fact.

Long Island


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