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World’s Only Jewish State

World’s Only Jewish State

In the strongest terms on behalf of Mercaz [Conservative Judaism’s Zionism organization], I register my objection to the anti-Israel positions affirmed by Hasia Diner and Marjorie Feld. It is particularly alarming that Jewish Studies professors are spreading this type of venom on campus. Yes, Israel, like the U.S. and all U.N. members, is imperfect. It is fair to identify its flaws and seek improvement. However, baseless hatred against the very existence of the world’s only Jewish state is unacceptable.

Israel is the home for the majority of children within world Jewry. Its continued existence is essential for the Jewish future. Israel is the most potent source of Jewish cultural expression. Israel infuses a sense of revived peoplehood to Jews throughout the diaspora. Israel brings pride to us through its emergency rescue teams dispatched to crises around the globe, unprecedented use and reuse of water, training of Third World technicians to maximize crop yield and feed the hungry and its hi-tech and bio-medical contributions of humankind. The Jewish state reborn reconnects Jewish men, women and children to our heritage, sages, history, our faith and our eternal love of The Land.

Israel legally acquired territory in 1967 during a valid war of self-defense and has sought to exchange land for peace. In the pursuit of harmony with its neighbors, Israel withdrew from the Sinai, from Gaza, from some terrain on the border with Jordan and from Southern Lebanon. Israel also accepted the Clinton Peace Plan of 2000-2001, offered the Olmert Plan of 2008 and agreed to negotiate on the basis of John Kerry’s 2014 “Memorandum.” Regrettably, each overture was met with Palestinian rejection. As lovers of Israel, we pray for the day when the treaties with Egypt and Jordan will be followed by peace with the Palestinian Authority. Unlike these esteemed professors, we remain committed to the well-being and continued vitality of Medinat Yisrael [the State of Israel]. 

President, Mercaz Olami

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