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Working Together

Working Together

One answer to the conundrum Gary Rosenblatt poses at the end of his column (“The Big Lie Lives On,” Dec. 24) is for The Jewish Week to continue informing the community on the growing threat of “Israel-Apartheid” and BDS activities, but also to continue to publish articles on how the problem is being tackled in various American communities. The threat is not only from Arabs, but also from their allies, which includes some Jews. The problem is as complex as it is dangerous.

It is time for major congregational organizations to focus effective central leadership on this issue. Synagogues should join together, as well as working with other organizations in their community.

Even while the denominations continue to confront each other on so many issues, these differences pale compared to the issue of delegitimization and must be considered separately. The survival of Israel as a free, democratic Jewish state takes precedence. The fate of the viability of Israel is tied directly to the viability of diaspora Jewry.

Chair, Israel-Action Committee
Forest Hills Jewish Center

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