Working Out In Synagogue

Working Out In Synagogue

How cool to read of other synagogues that offer yoga classes and spirituality
to the Jewish communities (“Synagogues Turning To Workouts With Soul,” May 16).

North Shore Jewish Center in Port Jefferson
Station, L.I., started offering yoga classes on Shabbat mornings in
2006 as a part of a program series designed to increase attendance at Shabbat
services. Our rabbi, Howard Hoffman, asked me to lead these classes. I
have since become a Torah yoga instructor (certified through Diane
Bloomfield’s Torah yoga teacher training)
and now run a spiritual center at the synagogue called “HaMakom Serach,” which offers classes
for the Jewish community in Torah yoga, Jewish mindfulness meditation, Hebrew
chanting, Kabbalah and Mussar. 

Our entire Hebrew school now participates in a weekly Torah yoga class. The
students are on a journey to connect with their souls. Our synagogue members
and Hebrew school students enjoy Torah yoga as a unique way to bring together
Judaism, spirituality and movement. 


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