Women And Tefillin

Women And Tefillin

The wearing of tefillin by women has reached an epic point with one of the
most highly regarded day schools in New York allowing female students
”permission” to wear tefillin (“Ramaz Would Permit Girls To Wear Tefillin,” Jan. 24).

The obligation/mitzvah is a
requirement for all males. The actual wearing of tefillin began in 3 BCE
with the wearing of amulets and pieces of parchment on the head and arms. The tefillin as we know it today did not take hold until the Tananim era.
During the medieval period women took to wearing tefillin in France and
Germany. It is alleged that Rashi’s daughters wore tefillin even though there
is no evidence that they did so.

However, the grandson of Rashi, Rabbenu
Tam, said that if a woman wants to perform mitzvot that she is not obligated to
do, including tefillin, she must say a bracha.


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