Why The Difference?

Why The Difference?

Rabbi Cosgrove writes that “Conservative rabbis should not jump to officiate intermarriages because doing so is against Jewish law “,(“To Officiate Or Not At Intermarriages,” Opinion, March 17). He continues: “Not every choice Jews make deserves to be validated by Jewish law.”

Yet, the Conservative movement now sanctions same-sex marriages. Why/how is one more “prohibited” than the other? At least in an interfaith, heterosexual relationship, there is the possibility that the non-Jew will convert and a kiddushin may take place.

(And please do not respond by calling me “homophobic.”)

If the answer is that the Conservative movement’s Committee on Law and Standards has legitimately validated same-sex marriages, one may ask: Why not interfaith marriages, and won’t it just be a matter of time?

Indeed, if the Conservative movement’s decisions on issues of personal status are now dictated by not wanting to hurt a person’s feelings, it’s time to declare itself a movement “influenced by” but not “committed to” halacha, as the Reform movement does.

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