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Why Israel’s Walls Are Needed

Why Israel’s Walls Are Needed

I was happy to see that Samuel Heilman is a professor of sociology and not of history (“Time to Welcome, Not Smuggle, PalestinianWorkers,” Opinion, July 15).

Heilman suggests that we should learn from the robust smuggling industry of Palestinian workers into Israel that the current “status quo is untenable and unjustifiable” and we can all learn to live in peace and harmony. He states that prior to the creation of the state, “Arab and Jew found common cause.”

Let’s review the history. Prior to the creation of the state, although many Arabs found work in newly formed Jewish settlements, there were frequent pogroms where Jews were massacred (and even a few where Jews massacred Arabs).

Before statehood, the Mufti incited Arabs against the Jews on a regular basis and allied himself with the Axis powers in World War II.

After 1967, there was a time when Arabs in Israel had jobs within Israel. But about two decades later they started the intifadas and rejected multiple peace offers by Israel.

Now they indoctrinate their children from the earliest age to martyr themselves against Israel; the “status quo” is not only justifiable, but absolutely necessary.

Though the walls, fences and checkpoints are not 100 percent effective, and make life difficult for the “ordinary” Palestinian, let us remember: Polls have consistently shown that most Palestinians are in favor of terror attacks on Israelis. The Palestinian Authority gives verbal and monetary support to the families of martyrs. And there would be many more terrorist attacks if there were no barriers.


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