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Who Lost Egypt? Talk radio? The Tea Party? Or Barack Hussein Obama

Who Lost Egypt? Talk radio? The Tea Party? Or Barack Hussein Obama

Associate Editor

Let’s admit it. Barack Hussein Obama lost Egypt, to the extent that any president can be blamed for a foreign policy fiasco, and this one was a doozy.

This is a shock only to those who think the collapse of Egypt can be blamed on Sarah Palin, talk radio and the Tea Party.

Jackson Diehl, of The Washington Post, saw Obama’s Egypt policy unravelling as far back as 2009. Diehl more recently wrote about how the president for two years couldn’t stop ripping Netanyahu while keeping silent about Mubarak. Obama clearly believed that a Jew moving to Efrat was more of a threat to world peace than the political reforms needed in Egypt.

For the first half of his term, Obama premised his entire Middle East policy on the idea that if Israel would not build an apartment house in Jerusalem or Ariel, that would pretty much solve everything. So he spent two years as a serial abuser of Israel. How often, if he cared about reforms in Egypt, did he ever speak up about that, the way he did about Jewish "natural growth" in Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria being an impediment to peace?

The Muslim Brotherhood, on the way to power in Egypt, wants to ditch the peace treaty with Israel. They speak of war, of closing the Suez Canal, or stopping the sale of natural gas to Israel. Better them than Mubarak. says the White House, so sure is Obama that the Cairo mob and Muslim Brotherhood are the second coming of Philadelphia 1776.

So much for trusting Obama to care about protecting Israel’s peace and security. So much for Obama caring about American guarantees if Israel signs a peace treaty.

Yossi Klein Halevi, who had an excellent piece in the Times, pointed out in a second article in Foreign Affairs that "the Obama administration, along with much of the international community, has been motivated in its approach to the Middle East by two assumptions — both of which have been proven wrong in recent days. The first is that the key to solving the Middle East’s problems begins with solving the Palestinian problem. The second is that the key to solving the Palestinian problem is resolving the issues of the West Bank settlements and the status of Jerusalem."

Obama, who has modeled his presidency on Jimmy Carter’s, is now widely seen as losing Egypt every bit as much as Carter lost Iran. We can only hope that it is not too late and Mubarak can crush his opponents like a bug, like a dictator would, if he was really such a dictator.

What wooden Indian of a dictator lets his capital city go so crazy for more than a week?

Alan Dershowitz places the severity of the Mubarak dictatorship at a 5 on a scale of 10.

On that scale, Stalin would be a 15. And yet, in the middle of World War II, with Stalin fighting Hitler, would it have been better for the satanic Stalin to have been overthrown before the war against Hitler was won, without knowing if the dictator or democrat replacing Stalin would have remained allied with Roosevelt and Churchill, the way Mubarak remained allied with Israel and the United States?

Investors Business Daily also saw Obama on the verge of blowing it, from the beginning of his presidency, and even a columnist in the leftist Haaretz says Obama will go down in history as the presdent who lost Egypt.

Again, that was in Haaretz. And yet there are those Jews, so messianically devoted to protecting Obama, who insist that only raw partisanship is motivating any critique of the president. These Obama Jews are like the last of the Crown Heights messianists who refuse to accept that their messiah wasn’t.

If anything, only raw partisanship can explain how anyone can exonerate Obama for his inept erosion and likely loss of America’s most important ally in the Arab world.

When Mubarak was hanged in effigy in Cairo this past week, on two of the effigies a Star of David was smeared over Mubarak’s face. That’s your face, dear reader, that was hanged in Egypt. The next Jewish face in the Arab crosshairs will be a real one.

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