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Where’s Bernie?

Where’s Bernie?

I have subscribed to The Jewish Week for many years and have found it to
give laudably comprehensive coverage of the spectrum of issues concerning
Jews. I have found this paper
to cover many political and religious viewpoints, which has a lot to do with
why I subscribe.

But I am puzzled and increasingly appalled that there has
been no coverage of Bernie Sanders — the person, the politician, and his
campaign. Why is this? For a long time, there seemed to be a general media
blackout about Bernie, where the major papers and news stations were not
covering him at all. Thankfully, a shift happened after the first Democratic
debate, but The Jewish Week is still silent. Why? America has its first
Jewish prospective presidential candidate, and one who speaks and stands by
his truth, and one whose values and positions embody tikkun olam.

Why isn’t
The Jewish Week writing about Bernie?

Editor’s Note: We published a front-page article, “Sharing The Wealth” (May 15), on Bernie Sanders.

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