When The Orchestra Came To Dance

When The Orchestra Came To Dance

Audience members were handed harmony and kindness.

Cello strings. Via Pixabay.
When the orchestra came to dance
It started out very shy 
The instruments looked at each other and glanced at their notes and tuned in
But something was wrong
B flat became sharp and insulted A minor
Violin’s bow began playing piano’s keys 
Cello was busy saying hello to all the C majors 
And harp’s string were tangled in a screech 
However when the conductor came in
There was silence 
And the music began 
As the instruments danced together, in harmony
As the notes flew through the air 
The audience was held in a united silence
As they absorbed the light, emanating from the single sound 
They forgot about their own troubles 
Stuck in a black tunnel
Refusing to lend a hand to the man next door
For it was different than his own
His was white and his was black
His was clean and his was grimy
His was soft and his hard
And his held merits of thousands before him while his merely held the the struggle of a Jewish life but one 
And his…..
Not realizing the hand right over represented support, strength 
All they had to do was reach out and grab that string of support 
And the knot would unravel 
And their united way out of the tunnel of alienation 
Would be as smooth as…
The orchestra when it came to dance 
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