When Dialogue Is Impossible

When Dialogue Is Impossible

Sorry, Gary Rosenblatt, but there cannot be a dialogue between diametrically opposed world views which now split the Jewish community any more than there can be a real dialogue between Arabs and Jews and, for the most part, between blacks and whites (“When The Dialogue Deteriorates,” Editor’s Column, Aug. 27).

Liberals love the idea of “dialoguing,” as if talking about diametrically opposed views will make those views more palatable to either side or win over converts.
Nor do I agree that civility is in order, especially in a letter to the editor. There is no way for an authentic Jew to be civil when it comes to J Street. No way to view the Clinton wedding as anything but a sham and an abomination. No way to view the Reform movement as a legitimate religious institution. No way to view a sunset ceremony by gays in San Francisco as a reasonable observance of Shavuot. Contempt is in order, and we should have the right to express such contempt in a letter to the editor, because we certainly voice it across our dinner tables on Friday night.

Yes, The Jewish Week can continue to censor letters such as mine, but you do so at the expense of the truth. Better to let our fellow Jews read what we really think and make what they want of it.

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