Whatever Happened To Volleyball?
Letters To The Editor

Whatever Happened To Volleyball?

I was shocked by your article about Eden Village Camp in Putnam, N.Y. (“This Summer, First ‘All-Gender’ Bunk At N.Y. Jewish Camp,” June 28).

Family members of ours attend that camp. Of course, the LGBTQ community should be treated with sensitivity, but their sexual preferences should not be the focus of a summer camp experience. [Editor’s note: The focus is on gender identity, not sexual preferences.]

Whatever happened to volleyball?

The camp discourages “body talk,” by which they mean not commenting about clothing or appearance. Instead, the camp will provide vocabulary lessons by a consultant who teaches how to talk about “non-binary sexes.” Additionally they will spend Shabbat in conversation circles talking about who knows what? Children are very accepting and impressionable. This can be very confusing to them.

I wonder if this “innovation” was fully vetted by the parents of children attending camp. I, for one, would have many questions about these sessions that will serve to confuse children who are not thinking about this subject.

I think it is interesting that this article came out after camp started. Parents would not have the option of pulling their child out if they had concerns about this experiment.

I think camp should be an oasis and fun. The focus on gender vocabulary brings politics in and detracts from a child’s camp experience. This is very disappointing.

Margate, N.J.

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