What Would Golda Do?

What Would Golda Do?

I was very disappointed after reading Francine Klagsbrun’s column
attacking the joint address before Congress by the prime minister of Israel (“Golda Would Not Have Confronted The President,” Opinion, March 13).

Bibi Netanyahu was correct in addressing a joint
session of Congress; remember, we have separation of powers in this country,
and Congress as well as the Supreme Court function independently per
their powers in the Constitution from the White House (the Executive branch). Therefore, Congress had the power to invite Bibi or whomever it chose, to
address a joint session and did not need the approval of President Obama. Rather, the
pressure that Obama orchestrated in preventing
Bibi’s address to the Congress overstepped decency.

Ms. Klagsbrun conveniently forgot that Golda Meir did confront a superpower
once in her career as a representative of the Jewish State. In 1949, Golda
served as the Israeli ambassador to the Soviet Union. Against the wishes of
the Soviet Dictator Stalin, Golda attended Rosh HaShanah services in Moscow
and was mobbed by tens of thousands of Soviet Jews. Golda did this to send a
statement to Stalin and the message was received.


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