What Was Yeshiva University Like In 1992?

What Was Yeshiva University Like In 1992?

The promotional video shows that nothing has changed, and everything has changed.

Hannah Dreyfus is a staff writer at the New York Jewish Week. She covers abuses of power in non-profit and religious settings. She heads up the Investigative Journalism Fund, an initiative to fill a gap in investigative and enterprise reporting. Reach her at hannah@jewishweek.org

Before the debt and allegations, before the cuts and furloughs, Yeshiva University was quite the utopia — at least, according to the university’s 1992 promotional video.

Filmed while Dr. Norman Lamm, who officially resigned as chancellor and rosh yeshiva in 2013, was president, the footage shows Yeshiva College and Stern College students shuttling back and forth from classes, socializing in Midtown, and taking some downtime in the uptown-campus Jacuzzi (which is still there). The glasses and perms are the only visible giveaways that much has changed; several of the same faculty members still there today are filmed giving classes, albeit with more hair.

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