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What Not To Do On A Dating Sabbatical

What Not To Do On A Dating Sabbatical

Technically, I’m on a dating sabbatical.

Which means the next couple of weeks are all about getting in touch with the inner me. The "me" inside the "me," if you know what I mean. The "me" that is wearing a very teeny-tiny pair of glasses.

So, to be technical, I wasn’t really breaking my sabbatical when a girlfriend called to update me on the set-up she had orchestrated. I mean, she was the one who called me!

"Unfortunately, he is not interested in being set-up," she said. "Or in being in a relationship," she added.

And then, “If you ask me, I don’t think you’re missing much. He seemed rather closed off and I don’t think he has a good relationship with his family.”

This was certainly an about face from the gushing report she initially gave him after meeting him at a dinner, which is another way of saying she practically introduced him as my future husband. Which is another way of saying, another potential bridegroom bites the dust!

But who am I to be disappointed? Me on my dating hiatus and all.

Ok, I was disappointed.

So who can blame me for taking one itty-bitty gesture on behalf of my love life? I mean, what’s one email to follow up on a lead another friend had promised to introduce me to a gentleman who seemed just perfect. I mean, really perfect!

“I’m so glad you checked in,” she wrote back. “But unfortunately I talked to YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND’S NAME HERE and he is not interested in being in a relationship right now. He is very focused on work. Maybe I can try him again at the end of the summer and see if he’s changed his mind.”

Which is really another way of saying, what’s up with all of these single men in their mid-30s and early 40’s who have zero interest in sharing their life with someone? In starting a family? Am I missing something here?

Not that I intend to spend one mila-second of my sabbatical consumed with such thoughts that only make me want to hurl myself off a tall, tall building.

Because I am on a dating sabbatical here, people. A real, honest to Hashem siesta from it all.

And boy am I feeling refreshed!

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