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What Does It Take To Get A Snowball Fight Started Around Here?

What Does It Take To Get A Snowball Fight Started Around Here?

On Monday your blogger was unable to reach the office, but faithfully edited articles at home as the snow engulfed his home. On Tuesday, he somehow squeezed his way onto one of the few moving Long Island Rail Road trains and made it into work to help produce the last issue of 2010. On the theory that there is a Jewish angle to every story, we put together a roundup of how community organizations that help the needy were faring under the blizzard’s burden.

Now it’s Wednesday, Day 3 of the blizzard aftermath, and I’m home on my previously scheduled vacation to use up days off and keep Public School Boy company. It’s also Snow Day number 3 at HAFTR, a godsend not only for the family Yeshiva Kids but for Teacher Wife, who gets to recover from the flu without losing days off.

Not everyone is happy about this unplanned winter vacation. Via Facebook I hear from public school teachers who looked forward to a week of solitude and leisure only to be conscripted into babysitting and/or playdate planning and endless cycles of cleaning up snowtracks through the living room. Some will demand answers, but keeping schools closed is surely a complicated decision based on factors such as available parking at and access to the buildings, the ability of teachers and administrators to get there and the likely student attendance level versus the amount of productive education the day might bring.

As I trudged home late last night I dreamed about the first annual Dickter Snowball Blizzard Blitz Extravaganza, with every man or woman to his or herself, no rules or alliances, last person standing unfrostbitten wins. But rather than an icy curveball I got hit with blank stares and a few eye-rolls. Been there, done that. You can’t get snow enthusiasm from people who have been snowbound since Sunday. They’re kind of sick of hot chocolate, too, and we’re fresh out of those little marshmallows.

The boys are busy slaughtering aliens in the universe of "Halo." I could use the time to pay bills and make overdue phone calls or so some home improvement. But my kids are getting to the age where it’s harder to find activities that appeal to the whole family. Better to meet them on their terms.

Back in his day, your blogger and his friends never got tired of snowball fights. But that was way before XBox. So maybe some quality family time on the virtual battlefield is better than nothing. And no one will get frostbite or leave snowtracks in the living room.

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