What About Obama?

What About Obama?

Your article entitled “Silver Lining As Students Hit From Left, Right?” (March 10) quoted an Anti-Defamation League official saying that “white supremacist groups have been emboldened in the past year.”

The official is also quoted as saying “the mainstreaming of their message is a direct result of the presidential campaign.” Why was there no equal outcry claiming the White House was encouraging violence against police when members of Black Lives Matter, shouting “fry them like bacon,” were held up as heroes and invited by President Obama to the White House? Why did the media not hold President Obama responsible for race riots in Ferguson and Baltimore when his silence spoke louder than words?

Because objectivity no longer exists within the news media, that’s why. Each of us is responsible for our own actions, good or bad. It is high time we stop pointing a finger at the other; only then will we see where the truth really lies.

Jamaica, Queens

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