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Week’s end absurdities – 2/4

Week’s end absurdities – 2/4

I’ve decided that on every Friday morning from now on I will publish a brief list of some of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, heard or smelled over the past week. Things that don’t warrant an entire post but encapsulate the eccentric world that is Israeli society.

-Monday: The last day of Ulpan Morasha came and went, with no big to-do and no final gathering or party. You’d think after five months together people would at least be friendly enough to want to say goodbye, but then again the class trickled down to less than 10 people by the end. All in all, it was a good experience for the speaking, but now I find myself stuck between different levels (and working hard to go onto the higher level) at the next ulpan.

-Tuesday: A disheveled and possibly homeless middle aged man walked into Aroma in Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station holding and trying to smoke a pen as if it were a cigarette. Meanwhile, he was carrying around a portable cage with a black mouse inside.

-All week: There was so much rain and no practical way of dealing with it that I thought we might get swept away like in Noah’s Ark. Stupidly, I decided more than once that it was appropriate to run down the sidewalks during said weather in heels. Luckily, I caught myself every time that I was about to splatter on the pavement.

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