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Week’s end absurdities – 2/17

Week’s end absurdities – 2/17

I’ve decided that on every weekend from now on I will publish a brief list of some of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, heard or smelled over the past week. Things that don’t warrant an entire post but encapsulate the eccentric world that is Israeli society.

-(Last Friday afternoon): Yes, I realize that this qualifies as the end of last week, and not this one, but last Friday’s incident was too ridiculous not to add to my list here. My invitation to my friend Cori’s wedding finally arrived (keep in mind she lives probably about two miles from me), over a month after it was postmarked, with the envelope torn completely open. Glad to see that someone so desperately wanted the details about my friend’s wedding. Beautiful invitation though!

-Sunday morning: I began my new ulpan, at MILAH – I’ve already written a blog post about it, which will go up shortly after this one. Nothing absurd here; just fascinating. The group comes from all over the world, from South Korea to Venezuela, and I think this will make for an interesting, albeit challenging, semester.

-Sunday afternoon: I accidentally deposited a paycheck dated the next day at my bank, causing the checked to be returned and forcing me to revisit the bank, after I realized via the bank website that the cash had first been added and then deducted to my account. Meanwhile, that Sunday afternoon, I learned that I am not eligible for a Bank Hapoalim credit card for at least another three months, even though I have had income coming into my account since I got here. No one could explain the arbitrary number of months to me.

-Tuesday: After an interview outside Jerusalem, I unfortunately missed a bus by one minute, causing me to meander an hour around a rather sketchy central bus station. Meanwhile, on the bus ride there, I had engaged in a short-lived footsie battle with my seat partner, who had insisted upon putting her foot on what was clearly my side of the footrest.

-Thursday: I learned from my fellow copy-editors that Rehov Pines in Jerusalem is actually pronounced "Rehov [male organ]." Perhaps a bit immature, but I’m proud to say it gave me quite a laugh for the evening.

-Friday: Today, Ravid and I made the wise decision of visiting the shuk (Machane Yehuda market) about an hour and a half before Shabbat. While we certainly had a good time, it was quite a challenge to squeeze through the hordes of people clogging every inner and outer crevice of that already insane market. Though, some person – we weren’t sure whether said person was a man or a woman at first glance – decided to roll a cart directly over Ravid’s feet.

And with that, Shabbat Shalom.

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