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Week’s end absurdities – 1/28

Week’s end absurdities – 1/28

I’ve decided that on every Friday morning from now on I will publish a brief list of some of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, heard or smelled over the past week. Things that don’t warrant an entire post but encapsulate the eccentric world that is Israeli society.

-Monday: I was sitting in the courtyard outside where my ulpan class is enjoying the warm afternoon, when a drugged out man began performing some sort of unintelligible interpretive dance while trying to smoke a cigarette that was unlit. He approached random people sitting nearby and was certainly disturbing the peace, but a police officer ambled by and seemed to think nothing of the situation.

-Wednesday: Once again, the crazies were abound during my morning ride to ulpan. A cohort of elderly people were banging on the bus door furiously in front of the shuk as the bus was about to pull away.

-Thursday: A few people from my ulpan class signed up to take the official government level exams, which of course were not run in the most organized manner. An adorable couple from my class, Lulu and Natan, had signed up to take the "Dalet" (fourth) level exam, which would be important for their future jobs and Natan’s army service. However, the proctor would only give the Dalet version to Lulu, claiming incorrectly but quite adamantly that Natan had signed up for Gimmel, the third level. And since the proctor seemed to have the intelligence level of a peanut, there was nothing she could do to help him, and he was stuck with an exam that was useless to him. Such is bureaucracy here, apparently.

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