We Need Rabbis’ Voices
Letters To The Editor

We Need Rabbis’ Voices

The nation is bewildered in the face of the epidemic of mass shootings that resonate an undertone of deranged, white supremacist thinking. Is it not time for the voice of American Jews to rise above the fray to condemn what is clearly another form of anti-Semitism?

We have modern history on our side of the argument: Race-oriented, European nationalism has targeted Jews as No. 1 among public enemies; so has class-oriented nationalism.

We must show the world that we are the voice of common sense, decency, and the first to claim man was (and still is) created in God’s image.

I believe that our rabbinical voices need to come together with those of other religious leaders to lead the nation back to the road of common sense, decency and respect for our Constitution and its law. The nation’s pastors are needed more than ever to guide their flocks that have truly gone astray.


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