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We Need Accountability

We Need Accountability

Regarding Robert Sugarman’s Opinion essay, “The Day After Is Now” (Sept. 18): While clearly the “vicious rhetoric needs to be toned down,” as always, what good is “unity” in the absence of action and accountability? 

In the face of a significant majority of both houses of Congress, the backing of 70 percent of the American people (according to most polls), and with most Democratic proponents of the deal expressing grave concerns about it, we still couldn’t get Democrats (and many “so-called” supporters of Israel) to go against President Obama and party lines. So what makes you think they will stand with us and Israel against the president if he decides to vote against Israel at the UN, or not use his veto? 

Unity sounds like a wonderful thing, especially around Yom Kippur, but these senators and
congressmen need to know their votes and actions will be remembered and they will be held accountable.

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