Volunteers Scour Borough Park For Missing Child

Volunteers Scour Borough Park For Missing Child

Volunteers are searching vigorously for a chasidic child who disappeared Monday afternoon on his way home from day camp, and community members have raised $25,000 as of Tuesday morning as a reward for information leading to his recovery.

Nine-year-old Leib Kletsky was seen on a surveillance tape leaving the Nechmod Day Camp around 5 p.m. but he never made it home. As of Tuesday morning there was still no sign of the boy.

"Only God knows where he is," said Chaim Deutsch, president of the Flatbush Shomrim Volunteer Patrol, which is helping with the search. "The possibilities are either that he went to hide somewhere and got trapped or that somebody has him. But when camp started again this morning and he didn’t return, that shows he slept someplace else. In situations like this, you have to assume the worst."

The boy has with dark hair and is described as 4 feet, 4 inches tall. He was last seen wearing black glasses, a striped shirt, and carrying a knapsack with Nechmod Day Camp written on it..

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