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Useful Idiots: Israel Has Nothing To Teach India

Useful Idiots: Israel Has Nothing To Teach India

Associate Editor

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

One week before Mumbai’s wave of terror, a news item appeared in Yediot (Nov. 17).

Israel announced, in a “goodwill gesture in honor of Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha,” the Jewish State will free 250 Fatah prisoners in the beginning of December. “Israeli officials clarified that the gesture will include the release of prisoners who were involved in terror but belong to the moderate camp…”

Only “moderate” terrorists, mind you. Presumably, the victims of those terrorists, the Jews who were actually terrorized, might not think those terrorists “moderate,” but that would not be an expression of Jewish “good will,” now would it?

“All the prisoners slated to be freed will be forced to sign a commitment that they would not return to terrorism.”

The State of Israel is convinced that a terrorist’s word can be trusted. If a terrorist says he won’t be a terrorist again, well, Israel will believe him.

“Sources at the Prime Minister’s Office said that Israel releases Palestinian prisoners every year ahead of the Muslim holiday.”

Jewish papers ought to print a schedule of Muslim holidays so Jewish tourists can know when, exactly, 250 Palestinian terrorists will be let loose into the streets.

Oh, by the way, the Israeli captive, Shalit, will stay in his private Auschwitz. He doesn’t get released for Jewish holidays. All gestures are a one-way street.

One week later, a headline appeared in the Jerusalem Post (Dec. 2): “Tel Aviv Police on High Terror alert,” after receiving intelligence reports regarding a plan to carry out a major attack in the city.

Terrific. First you free the terrorists, then Tel Aviv is on high terror alert. A coincidence, surely.

But Mr. Rogers, I thought those terrorists promised to be nice?

Now, let’s imagine India released 250 Islamic terrorists – moderate, of course — one week before Mumbai’s hotels, train station, and Chabad were attacked.

Imagine what we’d be saying about India? Imagine being the parents, or child, of that beautiful Chabad couple, what would you say about India’s “gesture” to terrorists? There’d be a line from here till tomorrow of Jewish leaders rushing to “condemn” India’s insanity and complete disregard for human life, let alone Jewish life.

If you knew India would release about 250 terrorists before each and every Islamic holiday, would you want your child traveling to India, or would you think it parental malpractice to buy that child a ticket?

These terrorists might not kill anyone tomorrow. The World Trade Center disaster and the Mumbai pogrom took months of logistical planning. But the month will come when one of these terrorists will bring death and infinite pain to someone, perhaps to you. Maybe you’ll get on the same bus, or walk into the same mall, or hotel….

One of these days, if Israel keeps pardoning 250 terrorists every Muslim holiday, a Jew will die and the State of Israel will be responsible, second in responsibility only to the killer himself.

If after Mumbai, if after 7,000 dead and injured Jewish victims of Islamic fascism in the last decade, Israelis believe a terrorist when he promises not to terrorize; if Israelis believe, after 20 years of releasing terrorists as “gestures,” that these “gestures” result in anything other than dead Jews, than these Israelis are what Stalin used to call “useful idiots,” the better to eat you, my dear, said the wolf.

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