Unusual Endorsement

Unusual Endorsement

Rabbi Menachem Genack took the unusual step of endorsing Hillary Clinton (“Why I Support Hillary Clinton For President,” Opinion, Dec. 25).

I say “unusual” because for an Orthodox rabbi at one of the most prestigious kashrut organizations in the world to endorse someone so wedded to left-wing ideology and enemies of Israel, and to promote her as a staunch friend of Israel against overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is more than just “unusual,” but rather beyond comprehension and reality. And while he makes it a point to say that his views do not reflect those of the Orthodox Union, no reasonable person can deny the negative public relations effect this will have on the OU.

Hillary Clinton was secretary of state for an administration whose top priority was to disengage as leader of the free world by choosing instead to let other countries take the lead. With every major Jewish organization, including the OU, opposing the flawed nuclear deal with Iran, Hillary Clinton sided with the Obama administration. 

Rabbi Genack should be ashamed of himself.


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