Unsubscribe Me

Unsubscribe Me

My family and I have been long-time subscribers to The Jewish Week.
Until now. We have had it with Gary Rosenblatt.

As Jews and as Americans, my wife and I have never been shy about
criticizing the governments of our beloved America and beloved Israel. We
love them but feel duty-bound to help improve them.

Gary Rosenblatt’s ripping and brutal remarks about the prime minister of
Israel go way beyond what is politically correct or fashionable. His hateful
comments about Bibi could have been taken from Obama’s playbook on placating
Palestinians, as well as from Abbas himself.
So, Gary Rosenblatt, move on to your next expose-of-the-day in the Orthodox
Jewish world in particular, and write what you like. But this is one Jew who won’t be supporting you any longer.
Please unsubscribe me from your newspaper.


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