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Unhappy With JW Coverage

Unhappy With JW Coverage

Jews are being stabbed, shot, blown up … by Palestinian terrorists throughout Israel, incited by their “moderate” President Abbas, while The Jewish Week responds with the inane front-page story: “Israelis’ New Normal Means Jiu-Jitsu, Pepper Spray” (Oct. 9). Tell that to the Henkin children and the families of the other murdered Israelis.

Instead of reporting on Abbas’ incitement (one mention) — holding him responsible for the Palestinian terrorism — and instead of bringing us the stories of the Palestinian savagery, the Israeli victims and their families, you editorialize about “intifadas” and your staff criticizes Prime Minister Netanyahu for his policies with the Palestinians and his UN speech — to the delight of Israel’s enemies.

Rather than reporting how the mainstream media (and the administration) equate deaths of the Israeli victims with that of their killers, and even turn Israel into the aggressor, The Jewish Week reads more like the mainstream media every week.  

Since it is the editors who are ultimately responsible for not standing up for Israel in her hours of need, Gary Rosenblatt and the board need to go, which is also true of our Jewish community leaders who have been as silent on Palestinian terrorism as they were on giving $150 billion to Iran to upgrade their terrorism against Israel.

Editor’s Note: We refer readers to our Oct. 16 front-page article on the wave of Arab attacks, and our Editorial, “A Stab In Jewish Hearts.”


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