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Unfortunate Example

Unfortunate Example

Yotav Eliach, as a high school principal and “core educator” of The Jewish Week’s advocacy program, sets an unfortunate educational example in his Opinion piece denouncing the Oslo Accords (“Israeli Concessions Lead To Palestinian Terror,” Dec. 24).
He describes “the Palestinians” as a “radicalized Arab population residing in the tribal Islamic Middle East.” Which Palestinians is he referring to? Those who support the Oslo Accords, and advocate peace with Israel? Those who live in the West Bank? Or Jordan? Or the United States? Those who live in Israel proper and are loyal Israeli citizens and vote in Israeli elections? Surely Mr. Eliach knows that it is no more accurate or proper for him to describe “the Palestinians” in such broad terms as it is for any anti-Semite to make broad generalizations about “the Jews.”

Let us put the blame where it really belongs. To be sure, there are Palestinians who will settle for only the whole. And they are aided and abetted by Israeli settlers on the West Bank, who also will settle only for the whole. It is this dynamic that President Obama was trying to break before the recent elections.

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