Unfair To Geller

Unfair To Geller

It is a sign of these Jewish times that a proud Jew like Pamela Geller is attacked by The Jewish Week (“The Passions And Perils Of Pamela Geller,” Sept. 3).
I have read her blog and her earlier writings, and I can’t imagine what any authentic Jew would disagree with.

Of course decent people would not build a mosque at Ground Zero. Of course Muslims are the enemies of Jews — it calls for it in the Koran. Of course they will say otherwise when asked. Few will actually blow themselves up among us, but most are happy that some do. Israelis know Muslims better than we do, and even the most liberal Israelis want a separation wall. So why did The Jewish Week take a confrontational approach to Pamela Geller?

Because The Jewish Week has morphed into the newspaper equivalent of the Clinton wedding.

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