Unfair Standards For #MeToo
Letters To The Editor

Unfair Standards For #MeToo

Hannah Dreyfus reports that “Jewish organizations in the aftermath of the National #MeToo Movement released” a “qualitative study reviewing primary data from 250 survivors of sexual harassment, assault and discrimination,” which collected and analyzed the experience of victims … .(“Communal Orgs Prone To Abuses of Power: Study,” Aug. 16).

But there is no indication that most accused sexual harassers/assaulters were afforded the elementary right to confront their accusers, nor were the standards or laws that most were said to be violating clearly delineated – (similar to #MeToo).

Without findings of guilt under due process, “sexual harassment, assault and discrimination” are only alleged and “victims and survivors” are only alleged as well.

Policies based on such a flawed system of justice have no merit, can only harm the Jewish people and should not be implemented.


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