Unfair Attack On Levine

Unfair Attack On Levine

I was horrified to learn of the ugly, dishonest, racist, anti-Semitic attack on City Council candidate Mark Levine by Thomas Lopez-Pierre (“Council Hopeful Targets Jewish Opponent in ‘Racist’ E-mail,” Nov. 30). I would oppose this type of attack even if I didn’t know the target. No electoral district should be the “property” of any racial, ethnic or religious group. And likening someone Jewish to “a thief in the night” is all too familiar and simply vile.

It happens, however, that I’ve known Mark Levine for more than a decade. I first met him when he was leading the important effort to build a nonprofit community credit union in Washington Heights — a credit union that primarily assists Latinos and African Americans. This is just part of his long and impressive record of service to the Washington Heights community. I’m proud to say that I stood on the streets with Mark to assist his 2010 State Senate campaign. I know that Mark is a dedicated fighter for social justice who has very personal reasons to oppose racism as well as anti-Semitism. Mark Levine has my deepest respect and support


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