Understanding Madoff

Understanding Madoff

The essay dealing with the mini-series “Madoff” by George Robinson was odd (“Madoff, The Tragic Hero?” Feb. 12).

He begins
by explaining why he never watched it; he was too busy. I would have
preferred him being too busy to write the essay. His summary of other
reviews is at odds with what I watched. The only indication of Madoff as a “tragic hero” was Madoff’s unique perception of himself. The series did a
remarkable job of demonstrating the extent of this man’s psychopathy. His
constant view of others as objects for his self-gratification, wealth and
ego-building made it easy to understand the lack of sympathy by even those
who thought they loved him. In a small way, the success of the series was
illustrated by a media report that Madoff didn’t like it at all.

For Jews, Madoff is a revolting figure we must deal with just as we
always do when “one of our own” violates core morality. This series helped
me in the process of understanding, and coming to terms with, such a shameful
failure of a fellow Jew. I ask that in the future, art and culture writers
be required to at least have direct familiarity with their subject. 

Fargo, N.D.

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