Uncaring About The Orthodox

Uncaring About The Orthodox

Talk about a red herring! The headline of Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Is It ‘Anti-Orthodox’ To Seek a Safer Community?” (Aug. 5), in reference to the anti-Shomrim article in The Jewish Week, is the very definition of one.

The chasidic communities are among the safest in New York City, partly because the chasidim don’t commit much crime and partly because of the work of the Shomrim, and The Jewish Week knows this. As many have pointed out, New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly has gone out of his way to applaud the Shomrim for their work, so why is this not good enough for Rosenblatt? I cannot recall a single article or action taken by anyone at The Jewish Week to make the chasidic communities safer, so to claim that The Jewish Week seeks a safer community is hogwash.

I think The Jewish Week simply couldn’t care less about the Orthodox.

New Brunswick, N.J.

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