U.S. Warns Abbas On Statehood Push

U.S. Warns Abbas On Statehood Push

Top U.S. officials warned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that pressing for U.N. statehood recognition would harm relations with the United States.

"They talked about some sort of confrontation, which means there will be a big difference" between the United States and the Palestinians, Abbas told media Thursday, a day after meeting Dennis Ross and David Hale, respectively the top White House and State Department Middle East negotiators.

Abbas said he would prefer not to have a confrontation, but is determined to seek statehood recognition at the United Nations later this month.

The Obama administration has said it would veto such a move, but wants to avoid the diplomatic showdown that would ensue.

Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. Secretary General, said Friday that Palestinian statehood was "long overdue" but that it was up to the member states whether to confer recognition.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hale and Ross warned Abbas that pressing ahead would cost him much of the half-billion in assistance the authority receives from the United States annually.

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