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U.S. Naïve About Iran

U.S. Naïve About Iran

I totally disagree with Robert Einhorn’s optimistic perspective on the negotiations to terminate Iran’s nuclear capability (“Iran Arms Expert: Progress Seen In Talks,” Aug. 8).

It is inevitable that Israel (hopefully with the cooperation of the United States and other nations) will have to invade Iran and take out their nuclear capacity.  Especially given all of the weakness and appeasement displayed by President Obama in Syria and the Ukraine, why would Iran fear proceeding with its program?

Sadly, the credibility of the economic sanctions implemented by the United States and other nations has now been greatly diminished with leniency, accommodation, and $20 billion in immediate relief for the Iranians. And recently, the United States allowed the first missed deadline, granting a four-month extension.  How many more extensions will be given while Iran continues their nuclear development?

My Iranian sources say most of Iran’s population has become discouraged by the U.S pullback on sanctions. They believed the government was several months away from collapsing as the state-owned gas company went bankrupt and civil service employees were not compensated for four months.  How tragic that the Obama administration would bail out these corrupt terrorist leaders, getting almost nothing in exchange.

The Obama administration and the other world leaders following him here, are naïve and foolish:  Iran will never finalize or conclude any agreement, and these talks (assuming they continue) will go on forever.


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