Two Views On Two States

Two Views On Two States

The two-state solution is no longer a slam dunk in Israeli politics with Danny Danon, a senior Likud minister, and Moshe Yaalon, the Defense Minister issuing statements recently. Of course, Naftali Bennett of the Bayit HaYehudi party has been outspoken in his opposition to the two-state solution.

In view of these significant personalities in the government, are you considering providing readers of The Jewish Week with this alternative perspective to the one that was provided this week on page 5, with the interview of Adi Koll of the Yesh Atid party? (“No Other Solution But Two States,” N.Y. Minute, July 5).

Editor’s Note: Please note that the N.Y. Minute interview the week earlier was with Raphaela Segal of the West Bank settlement of Kedumim who provides the alternative Dr. Gold requests (“The Case Against The Two-State Solution,” June 28).


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