Two-State Solution: Flawed Thinking

Two-State Solution: Flawed Thinking

 Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Israel Should Act Now, Before It’s Too Late” (July 26) promotes the “two-state solution” as a good option for Israel. This is the flawed thinking that forces Israel to “negotiate” with the Arabs. Secretary of State John Kerry has “guaranteed” that Israel will retreat to the 1967 borders. What can that possibly mean? Does that “guarantee” mean that 350,000 Jews will be removed from their homes, by force if necessary, as happened to the Gush Katif [a settlement in Gaza] residents?

Will American soldiers be implementing that force? What will America’s role be? What was America’s role in the Israeli decision to release 104 terrorists imprisoned for butchering Israelis? What was America’s role in the European Union boycott of Israeli products? Do all these issues somehow overlap? For Rosenblatt to reach the conclusion that the problem is not going away and therefore Israel must cave in now defies understanding. If Israel is strong now, it must use its strength to stand tall and resist all the arm-twisting and threats that are being implemented and must determine its own path as a sovereign nation, not a lackey.

The media, especially the Jewish media, must take principled positions that will educate the public properly. Concessions, appeasements, dead-end talks and prisoner releases will only continue to endanger the lives of Israelis. Please, we need you to shine the light of truth on these issues.

Executive Director Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI

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