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Two Birds Knocked Dead By One Stone

Two Birds Knocked Dead By One Stone

I am feeling a bit low. I signed up with this matchmaker and already the first match she paired me with me is acting like he is doing me a favor by going out with me.

We are supposed to go out next week so we will see. I hope we like each other but even more so, if we do, I hope he is interested in actually having a partner so that spending time together isn’t like pulling teeth.

While I don’t want to judge before we’ve even met, I am exhausted by a string of men who have dated me without actually dating me, and who act like I am crazy when I want more. I mean, the fact that he started tonight’s conversation with the words, "I promised I would call," in the same defensive tone a kid would tell his mom, "I told you I would clean my room and I did," and also that he wanted to meet me on a day when he had other business in Jerusalem so that he could "kill two birds with one stone," does not make me feel very wanted. Tis hard to keep up morale!

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