Trump Is No Bill Clinton
Letters to the editor

Trump Is No Bill Clinton

The answer to Gary Rosenblatt’s implied question of “how can Orthodox Jews condone Trump’s behavior?” is simple (“How Religious Leaders Dismiss Trump’s Misbehavior,” April 6):

The policy and effectiveness of the man takes precedence over any judgment on his behavior and over how “coarse” he may be. The problems and complexities of the world, unfortunately, dictate this prioritization.

Moreover, I continue to note how those who criticize Trump’s “morals” were not heard from during the Bill Clinton scandals.

I am not condoning “coarse” behavior or suggesting that Clinton’s shortcomings excuse any by Trump. I am, however, suggesting that by any measure just Clinton’s acknowledged acts (with the White House intern) dwarfs any that Trump has been alleged to have committed. Indeed, the fact that the most powerful man in the world abused that power in the ultimate example of sexual assault on an intern truly ushered in and set the stage for the environment of sexual harassment that the nation is experiencing (suffering) now. By giving a “pass” to Clinton, the left and establishment in general granted permission for the Harvey Weinsteins and others who followed. We are just now beginning to address, and hopefully, reverse the era created by Bill Clinton and all those who remained silent then.


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