Trump And Truth
Letters to the editor

Trump And Truth

Assessing President Trump from an Orthodox perspective, Ronald Rubin admires his belief in strength (“Standing by Their Man, Only More So These Days,” Aug. 10). Rubin cites Leo Durocher’s take that “nice guys finish last.” That’s a perplexing stance for someone in the Orthodox camp, since it disparages the entirety of the Torah. Hillel famously understood the command to love one’s neighbor as oneself to be the whole of Torah. To paraphrase Hillel’s take on the Torah’s essence: be nice.

Trump’s multiple marriages, alleged affairs with porn stars and crude language make his Orthodox supporters uncomfortable. What should make them still more uncomfortable is a man who thinks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth are three separate things. Truth is one of Judaism’s highest values. Twice daily the Orthodox, and others who recite the Shema prayer, proclaim that God, whom we are called upon to emulate, is true.

During his presidency, Trump has reportedly told over 4,000 and counting documented lies. Larry Spiewak says he’d have Nikki Haley at his Shabbos table anytime. If he should ever have Trump there as well, he’d better count the silver.


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