Trump And Israel
Letters to the editor

Trump And Israel

Martin Oliner argues that re-electing President Trump “is clearly in Israel’s interest because no potential opponent would do for Israel what Trump has done” (“Why Israel Was Right In Denying Entry To Omar, Tlaib,” Aug. 30).

Mr. Oliner is so certain that readers are with him on this that he doesn’t even bother to say what it is exactly that Trump has done for Israel. To my mind, though, the critical issue is what Trump hasn’t done for Israel. What he has not done is anything that brings Israel a centimeter closer to negotiating a genuine and durable peace with her neighbors. On the contrary, some of the things that I guess Mr. Oliner would characterize as Trump doing for Israel — moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem comes first to mind — make achieving the surpassing goal of peace more distant. 


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