Treatment Of Agunot

Treatment Of Agunot

 While I am heartbroken at the plight of the agunot in your article (“Religious Courts Are Treating Agunot Unfairly,” Oct. 25), I must question why they would feel so ashamed to be issued a seruv from an institution so obviously corrupt and unworthy of any honorable Jew’s respect.

The very idea that women need to vet batei din [religious courts] to make certain they are respectful of women and above suspicion of bias or conflict of interest, points to the inconsistency and illegitimacy of the entire system.

It’s time for the Jewish community to stop cowering to an illegitimate rabbinate. The authority of a beit din must be earned, not only through semicha yadin-yadin [a form of ordination], but also through the respect of the Jewish community, both male and female.

Holliswood, Queens

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