Travel Briefs

Travel Briefs

Mamilla’s Wellness Spa

The Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem is opening this month a holistic wellbeing spa that compliments its image as a hotel for younger, less-observant guests.

Among the features of the spa is a treatment of heated natural seashells filled with natural minerals, seaweed and aromatic oils that are used to massage and exfoliate the body.

A spokesman for the hotel, Richard Scott, pointed out that Piero Lissoni, an Italian interior designer, selected the hotel’s modern décor.

“Israelis can be insular and not pay attention to what goes on outside of Israel,” he said. “Lissoni has brought international design to the city and combined it with a homegrown Jerusalem feel. … It has one eye on international contemporary design and one eye on authentic Jerusalem aesthetics.”

Thus, each room has a “background of traditional Jerusalem stone” and a contemporary Italian sofa and side tables in the foreground.

“The bathroom walls are made of glass that can frost over at the touch of a button, which is different from other hotels,” Scott said. “Frum [observant] families with children might not want this.”

Caesarea Golf Course Gets Makeover

After an extensive 18-month renovation project carried out by noted golf course designer Pete Dye, the Caesarea Golf Course reopened in the spring. The course, located in central Caesarea near Caesarea National Park, is billed as Israel’s first international golf course. As part of the renovation, Dye extended the fairways by 980 feet. The renovation, according to Israel Tourism officials “will help position Israel as a premier destination in the emerging golf and sports niche travel market.” For more information, visit

Inbal’s ‘Tweetup’

The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, like hotels around the world, is increasingly leaning on social media to market its product. Earlier this summer the hotel hosted “Facebook Fan Friday,” when more than 100 of the hotel’s Facebook friends earned free access to the pool. Now, on Sept. 2, comes what’s being called the “Tweetup,” a social media event featuring drinks and jazz at the hotel. Special discounts are available for those who sign up for the Tweetup on Foursquare ( For more information on the Tweetup, call Ruth at 011 972 2 675 6690, e-mail or send a tweet to

Hotel Notes

Inbal Jerusalem Hotel. This five-star luxury facility located just outside the walls of the Old City, still has some great deals available for the upcoming Sukkot holiday. “As Sukkot comes in earlier this year, guests can enjoy our decorative Sukkah courtyard and then enjoy a relaxing swim in our beautiful pool or an invigorating spa treatment,” said Bruno de Schuyter, the hotel’s general manager. For more information, visit

Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel & Towers. The five-star beachfront hotels has become a popular spot for couples and families who want to enjoy the white sandy beach, shopping and cultural activities. The hotel features “fish spa,” which has become popular among health and beauty experts, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness facility. For more information, visit

Kinar Hotel. Located on the eastern banks of Lake Kinneret across from Tiberias, this hotel is a popular destination for religious couples and families in Israel and North America. “We are considered the most successful glatt kosher hotel in the entire Tiberias-Golan Heights region because the Kinar is spread out over 15 acres of space, which makes it a perfect getaway for couples and families who seek peace and quiet, and seek a high standard of service,” said Ahikam Ramot, the hotel’s general manager. Fore more information, visit

Eilat Princess Hotel. The upscale facility, which is known for its fine food, has undergone a top-to-bottom renovation in the past year. “Renovations play an integral part of enhancing our image, as we constantly aim to provide an unparalleled standard of service and luxury to our customers,” said Eyal Monta, director of the Eilat Princess. The hotel emphasizes a variety of experiences including: a kosher gourmet French restaurant, a Moscow-New York pub, a waterslide park for children and romantic “themed suites” for couples. For more information, visit