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Toward A New American Zionism

Toward A New American Zionism

What an excellent way to begin the New Year (Oct. 14 issue): The essays by Gary Rosenblatt (“Frustrated: Israelis and American Jews. Discuss”) and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove (“On Israel, the Sane Center Must Speak with Passion”) articulated the feelings that so many American Zionists have been feeling. We are deeply committed to Israel but also equally distressed by so many of the policies of this Israeli government.

I have felt so conflicted, not wanting to criticize Israel publicly but not wanting to join the chorus of unconditional support that AIPAC seems to demand of American Jews. It is ironic that Israelis are more critical of  their government’s actions than American Jews feel comfortable articulating.

Rather than speak out here, I contribute to Israeli causes that support dialogue and civil liberties. Rabbi Cosgrove’s challenge of creating a new American Zionism is very appealing.


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