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Torah Proscribes Homosexual Acts

Torah Proscribes Homosexual Acts

Your coverage of The Jewish Standard’s about-face on its decision to publish same-sex wedding announcements incorrectly reported the controversy as one pitting “Gays Against Orthodox” (“N.J. Newspaper Controversy Pits Gays Against Orthodox,” Oct. 8). 
I am not a reader of the Jewish Standard, but I suppose if they publish wedding announcements for other non-halachic couples such as intermarried couples, they could do the for same for same-sex couples. However, those that accuse the Orthodox opposition of being “homophobic,” “bigoted” and pro-“censorship” show their own ignorance on this very issue.

Let’s be intellectually honest — it is not that Orthodox opposition to gay marriage comes out of thin air. It is the Torah that prohibits sexual relations between two males and therefore a “marriage” between two males. That may be an inconvenient truth to many, but whether or not you agree with that Torah prohibition, to suggest that Orthodox opposition is rooted in bigotry instead of the Torah itself is intellectually dishonest. 
Just like Orthodox Jews do not hate non-kosher and non-Shabbat-observant Jews, but instead oppose the eating of non-kosher food and the violation of Shabbat laws, Orthodox Jews do not hate gays for their orientation. They oppose gay marriage — and social announcements of such unions — because it violates Torah law. As the “Statement of Principles” [signed by more than 100 Orthodox rabbis and educators] makes clear, Orthodox Torah-abiding Jews may recognize that gays may not be able to change their orientation, but they will never be able to condone same-sex relationships.


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