Ep 9: Flatbush Girl Gets Political

Tune in here to the “feminist from Flatbush” talk about the “glamour” of politics, the pride she takes in her civic duty and the power of social media.

November 1, 2018, 2:09 pm

Ep 8: David Halperin On Navigating The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Episode 7: Meet Lani Santo, The Woman Behind Footsteps

Santo talks about how gender continues to play a role in the lives of those breaking with their ultra-Orthodox community, & how her own Modern Orthodox upbringing impacts her work.

Episode 6: Layah Kranz Lipsker On Chasidic Feminism And Combatting Get Refusal

Episode 5: Peter Shankman Unleashes The Creative Power Of ADHD

Episode 4: This Woman Is Fighting To Keep Women’s Pictures In Orthodox Media

Episode 3: Meet The Crazy Jewish Mom/Daughter Duo

Episode 2: Bringing Mental Health Awareness To The Jewish Community

Episode 1: Meet Two Orthodox Jewish Politicians Smashing The Glass Ceiling

What Is Chutzpah?

What is chutzpah? We asked people in WeWork Times Square. Here's what they had to say...Listen to our brand new podcast with JOFA which seeks to answer this exact question. Soundcloud:

פורסם על ידי ‏‎The Jewish Week‎‏ ב- יום שני, 26 במרץ 2018

Introducing…. The Chutzpah Podcast

An audacious journey to redefine chutzpah!

Meet the hosts:

Hi! I'm Hannah Dreyfus. I work as a staff writer for the New York Jewish Week and the manager of our Investigative Journalism Fund. I report on many things, including child sexual abuse, progress and pushback for Orthodox female clergy and millennials and GenZ. I'm driven by the enduring and corrective power of the written word. I live in Brooklyn where I moonlight as a rebbetzin, wife and mother.
Hey there! I am Sharon Weiss-Greenberg. I went with the hyphenated name because I am a feminist, and I figured that it might help my SEO. I am the Executive Director of JOFA having served in unpaid activist/advocate positions previously. For quite some time I was an educator in school, college and camp settings. I live in Riverdale, which some consider to be the Bronx, and enjoy spending time with the ganze mishpoche.